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Sources Menu - Introduction

Sources are the elements you add in your scene that makes up the entirety of your presentation--Everything you add in the XSplit Broadcaster Stage's preview are called Sources.

XSplit Broadcaster's Add Source Menu is redesigned and recategorized–with added icons to quickly identify each source.

Overview of the new XSplit Broadcaster Add Source Menu

Desktop Capture

Smart Selection
Just hover your mouse over windows and areas of the screen and it will automatically select it for capturing. Alternatively, holding the left-mouse button and dragging anywhere on your screen allows you to select a specific area to capture.

Captures the entire monitor display

Select from the list of programs currently active on your computer to capture its entire window.

Game Capture

Automatically captures DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan programs that’s currently running on your computer.

Compatible programs should also appear in the Game Capture program list if you prefer to be specific in which program you want to use Game Capture with.

Camera/Capture Card

All your video output devices such as webcams and capture cards can be selected here.

##[ Audio Devices](/en/article/audio-device-1lff9z/)

Here you can select from any of your compatible audio output devices (Microphones from your headset, audio interface, webcams, etc.)


This source allows you to add texts and other special text-based sources such as clocks, lists, or even import texts from your local text file.


Adds an interactable web page to your scene.

Video/Network Stream

RTMP Stream
Adds an RTMP Protocol Stream to your scene

RTSP Stream
Adds an RTSP/IP camera video stream to your scene

NewTek NDI
Allows you to add NDI streams found in your local network.

Audio File

Allows you to add and play audio files to your scene

Video File

This source enables you to add video files of different formats to your scene

Scene Source

Use this source if you want to display a different scene from the same presentation over another.

Background Source

Adds a static background source to your scene that’s automatically placed at the very bottom of your source list.

Lower Third Source

Provides a variety of lower third templates to match the personality of your scenes.

Stream Chat Viewer

A chat overlay that combines Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook live chats in a single source. Great for when you have simultaneous streams using XSplit’s YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch outputs.

Skype Feed

Adds active Skype video calls in your computer or within your local network (via NewTek NDI) as a source.

Instant Replay

Adds an instant replay source to your scene so you can playback important moments for your audience.

Facebook Live Widgets

Includes Facebook Live Alerts, Live Comments, Live Reactions Animations, Live Reactions Poll/Counter, and Post Reactions

Twitch Widgets

Includes Alerts, Chat Viewer via HTML5, Cheers Alert, and IRC Chat Viewer

YouTube Live Widgets

Includes Live Alerts, Live Chat Viewer, Live Chat Viewer via HTML5, and Super Chat Alert

Scene Widgets

Audio Visualizer (Beta)
Displays a visualization your audio on the scene

Color Matte
Add plain colors or a color bar and place them anywhere to bring more life to your scenes!

Gamepad Visualizer
Add this source to your scene to show a visual of your gamepad inputs

Google Slides
Add this source and input your Google Slide’s share URL to show your presentation on the scene.

Image Slideshow
Create a slideshow of your favorite images, complete with transitions and effects.

Input Visualizer
Show your keyboard key presses, as well as your mouse button clicks on screen.

Media Slideshow
Create a slideshow of your videos and pictures (accepts OGG, Mp4, and WebM formats)

Video Playlist
Create a playlist of multiple videos with continuous playback and other options to take full control of how your videos are played in your scene.

Point your audience to where they should look and emphasize important parts of your scene with the Whiteboard source.

Find More Sources

Opens up the XSplit Broadcaster Plugin Store so you can explore more 3rd party plugins you can install.

Some sources can be added as Linked Sources. Click here to learn more

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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