The Scene source allows you to add an entire scene front the same XSplit Broadcaster presentation into another. This is a great way to show PIP (Picture-In-Picture) over your scenes.

XSplit Broadcaster showing a how the Scene source (Scene 1) would look like when added to Scene

Go to Add Source > Scene and select the scene you want to show

Add Source > Scene source showing an option to select the Live Scene, as well as your 4 available scenes

Live Scene shows a preview of your active scene. This source works great with other XSplit Broadcaster features such as Projector mode, or when recording a specific scene whilst still being able to show what goes on in your active scene.

You may also focus on showing a specific scene within your XSplit Broadcaster presentation by selecting any of your available scenes at the bottom of the Live Scene option.

Scene Source Properties

Right-clicking the Scene source brings you to the Scene Source Properties. Here you can change which scene the source is currently displaying.

The Scene Source Properties Window
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