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Facebook Live using Custom RTMP

If you've been trying to stream to Facebook Live using XSplit Broadcaster's Facebook Live Output Plugin, you might have run into errors such as Error Accessing App, App not active, or A problem occurred while authenticating your credentials.

Don't worry; there's a straightforward workaround using the Custom RTMP feature in XSplit. Here's how to set it up.

Step 1: Obtain your Stream Key and Server URL from Facebook Live Producer page.
Step 2: Set Up Custom RTMP in XSplit Broadcaster with your Stream Key and Server URL.
Step 3: Add in your stream details then go live!

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Obtain your Stream Key and Server URL from Facebook

Log into your Facebook account.
Click here to open your Facebook Live Producer Page .
Your Facebook Live Producer page will look similar to this.
Click the Go Live button under the Go Live box.
On the Facebook Live Producer page, the Go Live button takes you to where you setup your stream.
Under Select a video source select Streaming software.
Selecting Streaming software will enable you to get the Stream Key and Stream URL you'll need later.
Under Streaming software setup click on Advanced Settings to expand the setup box.

You'll find your Stream Key and the Server URL here. Keep this page open as you'll need these details soon.

These are the details you'll be copying over to XSplit Broadcaster.
Remember: Always keep your Stream Key private! Anyone with access to it can stream to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Set Up Custom RTMP in XSplit Broadcaster

Open or switch to XSplit Broadcaster.
Click on the Broadcast menu at the top then Set up a new output and then select Custom RTMP.

In the Custom RTMP settings window:

Name: Set a name for this output, this can be anything but it's a required field.

RTMP URL: Copy the Server URL from your Facebook Live Producer page and paste it here.

Stream Key: Copy the Stream Key from your Facebook Live Producer page and paste it here.

Set other settings as desired (bitrate, video quality, etc.) and then click OK.
When Broadcast outputs are created, video and audio encoding settings will automatically be set.

For an optimal streaming workflow, enable the Persistent stream key option under Advanced Settings. This ensures consistent use of the same stream key without repeated adjustments in the Facebook Live output properties.
Activate the Persistent stream key under Advanced Settings for hassle-free streaming; no need to constantly edit your Broadcast output properties!

Step 3: Go Live!

In XSplit Broadcaster, click on the Broadcast menu again then select your newly created Custom RTMP output to start the stream.
Once you start the stream, you'll see the status bar update on XSplit Broadcaster and see your video on the Facebook Live Producer page.
Go to your Facebook Live Producer page, then add your post details by clicking on What's your live video about ?

Add in the required Title and Description then click Save.
Only the Title and Description fields are required but you can add other details like your location or activity.
On the lower-left, click the Go live button to start streaming!
Go Live!

If you frequently stream using this method due to a Facebook API error, consider regularly checking for updates to XSplit Broadcaster. The development team may have resolved the issues with the Facebook Live Plugin in an update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my video showing up on Facebook?

Even after starting the broadcast on XSplit Broadcaster, it will not show up until you click Go Live on the Facebook Live Producer page.

Why am I unable to click Go Live?

If the Go Live button is grayed-out and you're unable to click it, double-check and make sure that you've entered all of your post details as shown on Step 3. The post details will be on the right side of the Facebook Live Producer page.

Why aren't my Facebook source plugins working?

If you're using Custom RTMP as a workaround due to Facebook API errors, any source that uses the API will also be affected.

Plugins affected by Facebook API errors

If you're encountering the aforementioned errors like Error Accessing App, App not active, or A problem occurred while authenticating your credentials when logging in or authenticating with Facebook, please be aware that the following Source plugins will also be affected and will not function as expected:

Facebook Live Alerts
Facebook Live Comments
Facebook Live Reactions Animation
Facebook Live Reactions Poll/Counter
Facebook Post Reactions
Stream Chat Viewer

Are the Facebook API errors going to be fixed?

Rest assured, our development team is actively working on resolving any issues related to Facebook API changes. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to enhance your XSplit experience.

For more detailed support or specific questions, click on the Live Chat support button and leave us a message.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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