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Streaming to Facebook Live

Expand your popularity by streaming to Facebook Live! This guide will show you how you can easily register to XSplit using your Facebook account and stream to your page.

Sign In
Set Up Your Presentation
Set Up a Facebook Output
Start Your Facebook Livestream
Scheduling a Facebook Live Broadcast

Sign In

When launching XSplit Broadcaster for the first time, you'll be asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an XSplit account to use the app. Click the Sign In button if you've already created an account. if

If you haven't signed up yet, go here to register an XSplit account with your email.

Once you've clicked sign in, the app will use your browser to authenticate your XSplit account so make sure that it is logged in on our browser site.

The XSplit Broadcaster login screen. Click Sign In or Sign Up to get started.

Set Up Your Presentation

Now, you’ll be brought to the main XSplit Broadcaster window. Here, you can add sources, which are anything that you want to present in your stream or recording such as your game, overlays, or Twitch widgets. You can learn more about adding Sources by clicking here.

XSplit Broadcaster's main window shows what you will see in your stream or recording.

Level up your Facebook Live streams with Facebook Live Widgets! Click here to learn more.

Set Up a Facebook Output

After your sources are ready, let’s now set up your Twitch broadcast output. Go to the Broadcast menu, and select Set up a new output, then click Facebook Live.

A new Facebook Live output can be made through the Broadcast menu.

Upon authentication and allowing permissions to your Facebook account, this will open your Stream Settings where you can choose whether to stream to your profile timeline or public page, set the resolution format and bitrate, your encoder.

Facebook Live stream settings, such as where it will be streamed and the bitrate, can be changed before going live.

Start your Facebook Livestream

You’re now ready to start a stream. Go to the Broadcast menu again and select your created Facebook output.

Created Facebook Live outputs wlll be shown in the Broadcast menu.

This will open Facebook's Broadcast Details, which is your way to create the title, description, and other details for your Facebook Live post. Click the Start broadcast to go live.

Facebook Live Properties - Easy Setup Window

Easy Setup Properties

Stream to
Choose whether to broadcast to timeline or page.

Choose which page you are streaming to.

Set your preferred resolution and frame rate for your stream.

Maximum resolution and frame rate only at 720p @ 30 fps if your page is not eligible for Facebook’s Level Up Program.

Select which codec will be used as an encoder.

Set the bitrate for your broadcast. Set it within the green bar as recommended.

Save video to My Recordings
Allows you to save a video recording of your last live broadcast.

Advanced Settings

For your Facebook username, click the Authorize button to register the details.

Post On
Choose whether to post your live video on your timeline or a page you manage.

Post As
Choose whether to post your live video using your profile, or as a page you manage depending on which type of Post On you have selected.

Manage scheduled live videos
See below for more information about Scheduled Live Videos.

Broadcast Details

Facebook Live output broadcast details overview

Live Video
Choose whether to go live with a New Live or select an existing Scheduled live video post.

Sets a title for the video. Must be less than 255 characters.

Add text that will appear on the Facebook post for your stream.

Content Tags
Adds content tags that will make your video more discoverable. They are not visible to the public.

Video Game
Tag the title of the video game you are playing on stream for Facebook Gaming.

Location Check In
Adds the location where you are streaming from.

Choose whether your livestream is visible to the public, your friends only or only yourself. This option is only available when posting to your own timeline.

Manage scheduled live videos
See below for more information about Scheduled Live Videos.

Start broadcast
Click to start broadcasting live on Facebook.

Alternatively, you can also start your stream by clicking on the Stream button at the top bar section of Broadcaster.

A Stream button can be found under the top bar to quickly start your broadcast.

A red status bar should appear at the top of the XSplit Broadcaster application window showing that you’re live.

Scheduling a Facebook Live Broadcast

A scheduled livestream post for Facebook Live can be used to generate anticipation and hype for your audience or for testing recurring programmed content.

Creating a Scheduled Facebook Live post

Facebook live output - Manage Scheduled live process

On your Facebook Live Broadcast Details, click Manage scheduled live videos.

Fill in the stream details, then click Add Schedule.

Select your Scheduled Start date and time. This must be scheduled between 10 minutes and 7 days (163 hours) from when you create the post.

Optionally add a Custom Image that will appear on your Facebook post. If you do not add a custom image, your profile or page’s picture will be used instead.

Click Create Scheduled Live to finish and you will be prompted that you have successfully created a Scheduled Live post.

Once created your scheduled live post will be posted on your Facebook wall. (You can edit your scheduled live post by clicking on Edit Schedule on the broadcast details.)

Starting a Scheduled Facebook Live post

Go to Broadcast and click the Facebook Live profile you have set.

Broadcast > Selecting the Facebook live output you have created

On the Broadcast Details prompt, select your scheduled Live Video.

Highlighting the Start broadcast button in the Facebook live output Broadcast Details

Click Start broadcast.

Updated on: 15/08/2022

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