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Audio: Twitch VOD Track

The Twitch VOD audio track allows you to send a separate audio track that will be used in VODs saved on Twitch. This VOD-specific audio feed can exclude copyrighted music or other audio elements that could potentially lead to copyright strikes or muted audio in the VOD.

Note: Using the Twitch VOD audio track feature requires some setup, including configuring audio inputs and outputs to ensure that the correct audio is sent to the live stream and VOD respectively.

Enable Twitch VOD Audio

Switch your audio capture mode to Presentation Sources by going to Tools > Settings then the Audio tab.
Check if you're capturing audio from Presentation Sources

Open your Twitch Properties (click the gear icon beside your Twitch output under the Broadcast menu).

Select a track to be used as the VOD Track.
If VOD Track isn't shown on your Twitch Properties, check for plugin updates.
Track 1 is selected by default and this will send all audio from your stream to your VOD. Don't change this setting if you're not planning to exclude any audio on your VODs.

Assign sources or devices to the audio track you selected as the VOD Track. These sources and devices will be the only ones recorded on your VODs.
Track 1 is the "master track" and will always be sent to your live stream.
For example, if one of your sources has music playing that you do not want to be recorded on your VOD, do not assign that source. If no sources or devices are assigned to the VOD Track, your VOD will have no audio.

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Updated on: 06/03/2024

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