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Audio: Presentation Sources

XSplit Broadcaster now features a new audio capture mode - Presentation Sources.
This article delves into the intricacies of this mode, highlighting its benefits and usage guidelines.

What is Presentation Sources audio capture mode?
Activating Presentation Sources Mode
Advantages of Using Presentation Sources

What is Presentation Sources audio capture mode?

Presentation Sources is a distinct audio capture mode that captures audio based exclusively on the sources you've added. In contrast, the default System Devices mode captures all sounds from the default system device.

Audio Mixer: System Devices audio capture vs Presentation Sources audio capture

While both modes allow you to add any recording (microphone) or playback (system sound) device as Global Devices, Presentation Sources offers a focused approach:

Typically, the default system sound device is not added as a Global Device in this mode.
It is designed to capture specific audio sources, excluding all other sounds routed through the default system sound device.

For instance, if you add a game capture source, only the game's audio is captured, even if it renders through the default system sound device.

Activating Presentation Sources Mode

Navigate to Tools > Settings.

Go to the Audio tab, then under Capture Audio from option, select Presentation Sources.

Advantages of Using Presentation Sources

Exclusive Capture for Precise Content Creation

The Presentation Sources mode allows you to selectively capture audio from specific sources. This ensures that your content remains clean, free from background noise or unintended audio that might get picked up by the default system sound device. For content creators, this means a more polished and professional output with less post-production effort.

Separate audio capture for each source; whether it's an added device, a game or window capture or even added media files.

All audio sources are listed separately in the Audio Mixer, except game capture and window capture sources which share one control and go to the same track(s) under Game/Window Capture Audio.

Enhanced Multitrack Recording for Advanced Editing

The ability to assign audio to one of the six predefined tracks gives you granular control over your audio sources. This is especially beneficial during post-production, where you can edit individual tracks without affecting others, providing flexibility in mixing, balancing, or isolating particular sounds.

Assign any source to one of the six predefined audio tracks. Track 1 is the "master track", while Tracks 2-6 can be custom-mixed.

User-friendly Audio Control Streamlines the Process

Having the ability to adjust the volume or mute individual scene sources directly within the Audio Mixer simplifies the audio management process. It saves time, reduces the hassle of navigating through multiple windows, and allows for real-time adjustments, ensuring a smoother broadcasting experience.

Adjust volume or mute individual scene sources directly in the Audio Mixer, without navigating to each source's properties.

Presentation Sources mode in XSplit Broadcaster 4.5 is designed to offer users enhanced control over their audio capture, ensuring a more refined broadcasting experience. We hope this guide helps you understand and make the most of this feature!

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Updated on: 06/03/2024

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