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Streaming to Twitch

XSplit has always been the gateway for streaming games and major live production events on Twitch. Here’s our guide on how to start streaming to one of the most popular platforms online.

Sign In
Set Up Your Presentation
Set Up Your Twitch Output
Start Your Twitch Livestream
Twitch Stream Properties

Sign In

When launching XSplit Broadcaster for the first time, you'll be asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an XSplit account to use the app. Click the Sign In button if you've already created an account.

And if you haven't signed up yet, go here to register an XSplit account with your email.

Once you've clicked sign in, the app will use your browser to authenticate your XSplit account so make sure that it is logged in on our browser site.

The XSplit Broadcaster login screen. Click Sign In or Sign Up to get started.

Set Up Your Presentation

Now, you’ll be brought to the main XSplit Broadcaster window. Here, you can add sources, which are anything that you want to present in your stream or recording such as your game, overlays, or Twitch widgets. You can learn more about adding Sources by clicking here.

XSplit Broadcaster's main window shows what you will see in your stream or recording.

Did you know that XSplit Broadcaster has built-in Twitch Widgets? Click here to learn more.

Set Up Your Twitch Output

After your sources are ready, let’s now set up your Twitch broadcast output. Go to the Broadcast menu, and select Set up a new output, then click Twitch. This will take you to a wizard that will easily link and authenticate your Twitch channel for streaming.

A new Twitch output can be made through the Broadcast menu.

All Twitch streamers are required to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Twitch accounts before you can broadcast. Click here to learn more.

4. Start Your Twitch Livestream

You’re now ready to start a stream. Go to the Broadcast menu again and select your created Twitch output.

Created Twitch outputs wlll be shown in the Broadcast menu.

Alternatively, you can also start your stream by clicking on the Stream button at the top bar section of Broadcaster.

A Stream button can be found under the top bar to quickly start your broadcast.

A red status bar should appear at the top of the XSplit Broadcaster application window showing that you’re live stream is running.

Twitch Stream Properties


Choose between Web Authentication which saves your Twitch credentials after authorizing or manually inputting your Stream Key from your Twitch Dashboard.

Web Authentication (Recommended)
Selecting this option will let you authorize your account using your Twitch login. This option is selected by default.

Your Twitch account, click on Authorize button to register this detail.

XBC Twitch output properties focused on showing the channel details

Stream Key

Selecting this option allows you to input your Twitch username and stream key manually.

The Twitch username of the account you will stream to.

Stream Key
The unique stream key is found under Stream Preferences in your Twitch Dashboard.

Choose which ingest server to use. It is recommended to use Automatic or the server with the lowest ping timing.

Confirm ingest server before broadcasting
Allows you to choose the ingest server before you start livestreaming.

Video Encoding

Enable enhanced broadcasting (BETA)
Automatically sets up multiple client-side encodes at different bitrates and resolutions, similar to transcoding.
Click here to learn more and sign up for beta access.
Only enable Enhanced Broadcasting if your Twitch account has beta access. Otherwise, your stream will not go live.

Audio Encoding

VOD Track
Allows you to set a specific audio track that will be used in Twitch VODs.
Click here to learn more about Twitch VOD audio tracks.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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