Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting (BETA)

We're excited to announce that XSplit Broadcaster is ready for the Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting Beta!

With multiple client-side encodes, there's no need to choose whether to stream at a higher bitrate and resolution to have the best looking stream or choose a lower quality stream to cater to a wider audience (including those with lower internet speeds). Automatic stream configuration takes out the guesswork with setting each of these encodes, getting you straight to streaming.

Click here to sign up for the beta.

Enhanced Broadcasting Properties

Only enable Enhanced Broadcasting if your Twitch account has beta access. Otherwise, your stream will not go live.
Enabling Enhanced Broadcasting will send Twitch information about your hardware and software so it can automatically determine an optimal stream configuration.
An NVIDIA GPU with an NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) is required.

Maximum Streaming Bandwidth
Sets the maximum aggregate bandwidth for all of your encodes. When set to Auto, the total bandwidth for your encodes will depend on your hardware and quality of your network connection.

Maximum Video Tracks
Sets the maximum number of possible encodes. When set to Auto, encodes up to 5 separate videos with different resolutions/framerate/bitrate depending on your hardware and quality of your network connection (as well as the setting above).

Since Enhanced Broadcasting is still in beta testing, how this feature functions and the information above may change at any time. We will update this entry as development continues.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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