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Linked Sources

Linked sources are sources which are global/shared across one or more scenes. They're very useful in making it so these elements of your presentation are displayed seamlessly as you switch from one scene to another.

XSplit Broadcaster Stage showing the linked Text Source scrolling seamlessly from one scene to the next

Things to remember

Linked sources share the same name and cannot be renamed differently per scene.
Linked sources share the same resolution. Adjusting the resolution on one scene changes the resolution of the same linked source on other scenes as well.
A camera source (such as a webcam, etc.) is automatically added as a linked source when the same device is added to another scene.

Adding a Linked Source

Add the source to the first scene. (in this guide, let's use a Text Source)

Highlight the source from the source list then press CTRL + C on your keyboard.

Switch to another scene.

Press CTRL + V on your keyboard. A popup should appear asking if you want to paste the source as a new source or as a linked source. Select Paste as linked source then click OK.

Selecting "Paste as linked source" in the source paste popup before clicking OK

Pressing CTRL+ALT+V automatically pastes the copied source as a linked source in the scene.

Alternatively, you can also use the Source list's Copy and Paste buttons as shown below:

Creating a linked source by using the Source List's copy paste tools

The linked source should appear in the scene.

To ensure your linked source stays in the memory, check Keep source in memory in the source properties.

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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