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This source allows you to add texts and other special text-based sources such as clocks, lists, or even import texts from your local text file.

Go to Add Source > Text

Add Source Menu highlighting the Text source option

There are two main types of texts you can add:

Text Source properties switching between Text/BBCode and Script


Here you can enter your text. Additional formatting can be done by using BBCode.


Script extends the functionality of the Text source to display different types of content other than regular text.

Script-type texts require configuration, which is done by selecting the Gear icon as shown below (More content about scripts in the text source coming soon!)

The gear icon (settings) next to a script option in the Text Source properties

Select this script to display various time-based texts. Click the gear icon next to the script you have selected to bring up the Edit script window.

Load Text from Local File
This script displays texts from a .txt file found in your local drive.

Load Text from Remote URL
This script allows you to enter a URL to display texts from a .txt file found online.

RSS feed reader
Displays texts from an RSS feed

Video List
This script connects to your Video Playlist source to display the title of the video currently playing.

Custom Script
Use this if you want to display custom texts created in Javascript.

Text Formatting

You can customize the overall formatting of your text source by adjusting the font, outline, sizing, style, and alignment.

Text Source properties - Text formatting options


Drop shadows, animations, as well as the ability to render the text in 60fps is possible via the Styles tab.

The Styles tab options front the Text source properties

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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