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The Webpage source allows you to add the URL of your favorite webpages to a scene. What's special about this source is that you can interact directly with the webpage's links, as if you're accessing them directly from a browser.

Go to Add Source > Webpage

Add Source menu - Webpage source is highlighted

Enter the URL of the webpage you want to use a source on the prompt that appears then click OK. You can also click Browse to load a locally saved webpage.

Adding the Xsplit web address in the Add Webpage URL window

Webpage Source Properties Window

Webpage source properties window overview

Allows you to set the HTML source/URL, as well as the audio source

Various display options can be modified to match your preference. Screen area, transparency, web scrollbars can be removed/added here. It's also possible to enable 60FPS (which will require more CPU/GPU resources)

Custom Code
You can override the webpage source’s default CSS and use custom Javascript.

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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