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Stream Chat Viewer

The Stream Chat Viewer Source is an amazing plugin that brings all your viewers’ live chats and comments together in one chat source. This is very useful for people who streams their content simultaneously.

This Source is best used when multistreaming. Click here to learn more about multistreaming to different platforms

Adding the Source

Go to Tools > Plugins and look up Stream Chat Viewer to ensure that it’s installed or to see if you have the latest version of the plugin.

Once that’s confirmed, you can now add the Stream Chat Viewer by going to Add Source > Stream Chat Viewer.

Add Source > Stream Chat Viewer in the Sources Menu

The Stream Chat Viewer source will be added as a gray box in the XSplit Stage. Right-click on this to show the source properties.

Adding Chat Sources

Click Add Channel to add your YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook account.

Stream Chat Viewer source properties, platform choices

Go through the process of authenticating your chosen platform (by selecting the account and entering your account details when asked). Until you see the chat source in the list.

Once added, pay attention to the Toggle Switch under Listen. This is enabled by default so the Stream Chat Viewer can listen to live chat activities happening in your selected account, allowing it to show on XSplit.

Stream Chat Viewer source properties with accounts added and Listen Enabled

Make the most out of the Stream Chat Viewer source by adding the other accounts you plan to simultaneously stream on.


Control the Stream Chat Viewer’s look and behavior by adjusting the following settings under Appearance

Chat Box
Changes the color of the chat box

Adjusts the visibility of the chat box. 0 is invisible.

Font/Size/Message Color
Choose from a variety of fonts types, sizes and colors that matches the look of your stream.

Hide Service Icons
Enable this to remove the YouTube/Facebook/Twitch logos next to the messages

Hide Timestamps
Enable this to remove the timestamps next to the messages

Hide Chat When Idle For
Enable this and adjust the value (in seconds) to hide the chat box when no activity is detected.

Text Direction
Adjusts the direction/flow of the messages to go up/down

Once everything is set, start your live stream/s in Broadcast > Your Streaming Output. The chats should now be visible in the Stream Chat Viewer source.

Stream Chat Viewer messages as they appear in XSplit and livestream

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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