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XSplit Customer Portal

The XSplit Customer Portal makes managing your payment details a breeze. Here's a quick guide to help you navigate the process of updating your payment information.

Logging into the Customer Portal

Open the XSplit Customer Portal

Input Your Email Address: Ensure this is the same email address associated with your XSplit account.

Access the Link from Email: If your email is active with SplitmediaLabs Limited, you'll receive a link in your inbox. Remember, this link will remain active for just 30 minutes, so be prompt!

Updating or Changing Your Payment Method

As financial situations or preferences change, there might be a need to switch to a different card or payment method. Whether it's an expired credit card or other concerns, updating payment details ensures uninterrupted service.

Add Payment Method: In the Customer Portal, go to the Payment Method section and click on Add payment method.

Input New Details: Here, enter the necessary card details and finalize by clicking Add.

Removing Older Cards: To delete an older card, simply click on the "..." icon adjacent to the card then select Delete. This can only be done if another payment method has been added or if there isn’t an active plan on the current card.

Updating Your Invoice Information

Keeping your invoice details current ensures that all transaction records reflect the correct information, which is vital for accounting or personal tracking purposes.

Access Billing Information: In the Customer Portal, go to Billing and Shipping Information section and click on Update information.

Make Necessary Changes: Modify any details as needed and confirm changes by clicking Save.

Downloading Invoices or Receipts

Choose a Transaction: Under Invoice History, select the date of the transaction you want the details for.

Download: Depending on your need, click on either "Download invoice" or "Download receipt" to save a copy.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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