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Login Authorization Errors

Some people may get this error message when logging in from your XSplit applications:

Authorization error message when logging in to XSplit

Below are some of the ways to fix this issue:

For Users With Browser Addons/Extensions

For Users With Brave Browser

Alternative Login Method

For Users With Browser Addons/Extensions

The error message is usually caused by certain browsers types and/or browser extensions blocking XSplit from authorizing the login, such as ad blockers, proxies, or VPN services. You can fix this by disabling these services temporarily and then try logging in again.

For Users With Brave Browser

Brave's very own Shields extension is known to cause issues with XSplit's web-based login authorization, rendering user's unable to successfully log in.

If Brave is set as your computer’s default browser, we suggest disabling Brave's Shields on the XSplit website by toggling it down. Then login on the XSplit program again to complete the authorization. You can turn the Brave Shields UP again after successfully logging in.

Clicking on the Brave shield icon to disable the feature

Alternative Login Method

If the issue persists and/or none of the methods above works, you can click the Having Issues Signing In? link. Copy the link provided by clicking on the box, paste the link to the address bar of your browser, then press enter.

XBC Alternative login method

This will open a new XSplit log in page from the same browser in which you will have to enter your XSplit account email and OTP/Password to log in.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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