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Creating an XSplit Account

Create an XSplit account by going to this link and clicking Dashboard.

XSplit Website - Dashboard button

Clicking the Dashboard when not signed in will take you to the Continue to XSplit page. Enter your email address then click continue.

XSplit website - Signing in using your account

You can also use your existing accounts with Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter to create an XSplit account.

This will bring you to the Sign up to XSplit page, where you will be asked to enter a six-digit One-Time Password (OTP). The OTP code will be sent to you through email.

One time code received via email

Read the XSplit Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (Required before you can create an account).

If you agree to the terms, check the box to proceed to the next step.

You may also opt in to receive important notifications and updates from XSplit by checking the box above the continue button (Optional).

XSplit Website - One time code entry

Click continue to complete the registration process. Once done, you will be taken to the XSplit Dashboard Home.

Learn how you can change your XSplit Account information and settings by clicking here.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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