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Useful Tips When Adding a Camera

Using your webcam device adds more presentability and personality to your streaming and recording content experience whether it is for your podcast, live conference, music streaming, or gaming.

If you currently have a built-in camera or a webcam device plugged in your computer’s USB port, then let’s get this started!

Adding a Webcam as a Device Source

On Broadcaster, click on Add Source > Camera/Capture Card and select your connected webcam device. This will automatically preview your camera onto your scene when added.

Add Source > Camera / Capture Card menu showing three different camera device options

You can resize your webcam device source by clicking, holding, and dragging the sides.

Image source on XSplit Broadcaster's mixer. Cursor is holding and dragging the corner of the image file which is resizing it.

Accessing your Camera's Video Output

Unsatisfied with your camera quality? Depending on your camera device’s specs, you can access its camera settings through Broadcaster. Right-click your webcam source to open its source properties window, and go to Configure > Video Output.

A camera settings window. The mouse is on the Configure dropdown menu and hovering above the option

This will open the properties of the camera where you can change the video size and frame rate. Keep in mind, however, some camera devices can have a high frame rate with lowered resolution.

A screenshot of the camera's output properties window. Options ranging from Video Format and Compression are shown here.

Accessing your Camera's Video Input

Too bright or too dark? It needs adjustment. You can also access other camera properties by going to Configure > Video Input on the same camera device source properties.

A camera settings window. The mouse is on the Configure dropdown menu and hovering above the option

Some functions like brightness, gain, contrast, zoom, tilt, focus, and saturation should be available to you. We also recommend disabling the auto-white balance or auto-exposure so that it won’t let your camera appear flickering if there are any sudden changes in your lighting.

A screenshot of the camera's properties window. A section on Video Proc Amp and Camera Control shown here.

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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