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Single sign-on (SSO) with OneLogin

XSplit's Team License Manager allows owners to set up Single sign-on (SSO) through OneLogin to simplify the sign-in process for their domain license users.


You will need the following to set up SSO with OneLogin:

The Manager role for your company's XSplit Team License. If you are not the owner of the domain license, the owner can enable this for your account.
A verified domain in Team License Manager's domain settings.
Administrator access on your company's OneLogin instance.

Step 1: Preparing SSO setup in XSplit Team License Manager

Go to your Team License Manager dashboard by clicking on the Team License Manager link under My Account.

Go to your Domain Settings by clicking on Domain License then Domain Settings.

Domain Settings Main View

Select SAML as your Authentication method. Keep this tab open, as you’ll be using the information here to set up OneLogin integration.

Domain Settings - SAML is selected

Step 2: Adding the XSplit Application in OneLogin

Go to your OneLogin account then select Applications.

Click on Add App on the top-right then select SAML Test Connect (Advanced).

Under Info, change the Display Name to XSplit. You can also change the icon, give the application a description and/or choose to have it visible in the portal.

Click Save on the top-right then select the Configuration tab on the left.

You will need to enter information from the XSplit Team License Manager's Domain settings into OneLogin's Application details**:**

Copy and paste the Callback URL from XSplit into both _ACS (Consumer) URL Validator_ and _ACS (Consumer) URL_ on OneLogin.

Copy and paste the Entity ID from XSplit into _Audience (Entity ID)_ on OneLogin.

Click Save on the top-right then select the Parameters tab on the left.

Click on the + button on the right of SAML Test Connector (Advanced) Field to create a new attribute with the field name email. Set the value as Email and uncheck Include in SAML assertion.

Onelogin SAML Test connector advanced settings

Click Save on the top-right then select the SSO tab on the left.

Select SHA-256 as the SAML Signature Algorithm.

Copy and paste the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) URL from here into the Sign In URL on XSplit.

Click View Details under X.509 Certificate then download the certificateand upload it into the Signing Certificate on XSplit.

Click Save on the top-right then select the Users tab on the left. Select to give users access.

Click Save on the top-right to complete adding the app.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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