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Machine License Installation/Uninstallation

It is recommended to install or uninstall Machine license as part of the installation or uninstallation as described in this article , but in some cases it may be necessary to apply or remove a machine license after the product installation.

XSplit.CommonUtils.ML.exe is located in the XSplit apps program directory (C:\Program Files\XSplit\VCam\x64\ for VCam and C:\Program Files\XSplit\Broadcaster for Broadcaster). This executable is used to install or uninstall XSplit Machine License. It is necessary to run it as administrator.

You may get the latest MSI installer here.

Parameters (Installation):

key (required) - private key from Team License Manager's domain settings

custom (optional, default empty) - used for any custom labeling or tagging, if a value is supplied, auto-generated email address with start with this value

app _(optional for VCam / required for Broadcaster) - the app name will be used to complete the registry path where the machine license is saved _Computer\\HKEY\_LOCAL\_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\XSplit\\<app name>\\machinetkn_. (Possible values: VCam or Broadcaster)

Parameters (Uninstallation):

remove (required) - no extra value necessary; running exe with remove parameter deletes the previously auto-generated account and deletes the registry value

Example (installation):

XSplit.CommonUtils.ML.exe key:<private key> custom:<custom prefix> app:<app name>

Example (Uninstallation):

XSplit.CommonUtils.ML.exe remove

if necessary to use XSplit.CommonUtils.ML.exe outside of the program directory, the following file dependencies must be included along with the main exe in the directory:





As a simple verification it’s possible to verify the creation or removal of the machine token as described in this article in the section “Verifying the Machine Token”.

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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