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Single sign-on (SSO) using Okta

XSplit's Team License Manager allows owners to set up Single sign-on (SSO) through Okta to simplify the sign-in process for their domain license users.


You will need the following to set up SSO with Okta:

The Manager role for your company's XSplit Team License. If you are not the owner of the domain license, the owner can enable this for your account.
A verified domain in Team License Manager's domain settings.
Administrator access on your company's Okta instance.

1. Preparing SSO setup in XSplit Team License Manager

Go to your Team License Manager dashboard by clicking on the Team License Manager link under My Account.

Go to your Domain Settings by clicking on Domain License then Domain Settings.

XSplit Domain Settings main view

Select SAML as your Authentication method. Keep this tab open, as you’ll be using the information here to set up Okta integration.

XSplit Domain Settins - Enable SSO > SAML setup

2. Creating the XSplit Application in Okta

Go to your Okta admin portal then select the Applications tab.

Click on Create App Integration.

OKTA > Applications > Create App Integrations Option

Select SAML 2.0 as the Sign-on method.

Selecting SAML 2.0 in OKTA's app integration option

Under General Settings, enter XSplit as the App name (or anything you want).

Enabling both Do not display application icon to users and Do not display application icon in Okto Mobile app is also recommended.

General Settings view in OKTA's SAML Integration Setup

On Configure SAML, you'll need to copy and paste information from the XSplit Domain settings into the _SAML Settings_ section:

Copy and paste the Callback URL from XSplit into _Single sign on URL_ on Okta.

Copy and paste the Entity ID from XSplit into _Audience URI (SP Entity ID)_ on Okta.

For _Name ID format_, choose `EmailAddress`.

Configure SAML view in OKTA's SAML Integration Setup

Scroll down to _Attribute Statements_ in Okta.

You will need to map out the following fields:

For `email`, map to the value within your company’s Okta setup.

For `first_name`, map to the value within your company in Okta.

Important: Follow the same format in your organization when you add this name.

For `last_name`, map to your company’s Okta value as well.

OKTA's Attribute statements setup

Click Next. You can enter anything on the Feedback form, the information entered here will not impact the XSplit integration.

Click Finish .

3. Finalizing SSO setup in XSplit domain settings

Once the XSplit app integration is done in Okta, you will need to enter information from Okta into the XSplit Team License Manager's Domain settings:

SAML 2.0 App configuration steps

On Okta, go to the _Sign On_ tab then click View Setup Instructions under SAML 2.0.

Copy and paste the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL from Okta into the Sign In URL on XSplit.

Download the X.509 Certificate from Okta and upload it into the Signing Certificate on XSplit.

Viewing setup instructions in OKTA's Sign on methods

Click Save Settings to enable SSO for your domain.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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