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Machine License Installation Guide for VCam 3.0

Starting in VCam 3.0 version, a machine license installation detects and uses a new machine ID.

The new machine ID is no longer based on the network adapter ID (mac address). This prevents getting the hardware ID mismatch ("Error 401 License Validation Failed") when running the application after switching network adapters.

Update Recommendation

For updating an existing VCam 2.3 (or lower) installation with machine license to the latest version, it is recommended to do a clean installation of the latest version to use the new machine ID and avoid the error described above.

To do a clean installation, please follow these steps:

Uninstall VCam to remove the machine license that uses the old machine ID.

Install the latest VCam with machine license following the steps described here using the latest MSI installer.

You can still opt to update to the new version without using the new machine ID by installing on top of an existing installation or update thru in-app (Update thru in-app is allowed when Auto-update is enabled during the installation), except for the offline installation case described below.

If the machine license was installed using the offline method and will update thru in-app , then it is required todo a clean installation of the latest version to avoid a failed to validate license error when running the application after the in-app update.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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