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Getting Started with XSplit VCam

Thank you for choosing XSplit VCam!

Get started with setting up XSplit VCam to effectively remove or replace your camera’s background with no green screen needed!

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Please read if you're using XSplit VCam (MacOS version)

Here are some known issues and limitations of version 4.0.2205.2701:

Pause camera, Screenshot capture, and some other features available in the PC version are not yet available on Mac (coming soon!)
Connect Webcam USB connection to VCam for MacOS is not supported.
XSplit VCam is not compatible with web camera applications running in Safari browser
Some applications that do not support virtual cameras will not show XSplit VCam in the camera selection.
If you reject camera permission on app launch, you may need to manually provide camera access in Security and Privacy settings to use your camera

Click here for the full list of features and limitations of XSplit VCam MacOS version

Starting Up
The XSplit VCam Main Window
Removing or Replacing your Background
Adding Watermarks
Using XSplit VCam as a Virtual Camera for your programs

Starting Up

XSplit VCam needs to be downloaded and installed on a system that meets the system requirements to run properly.

XSplit VCam (Windows) System Requirements
XSplit VCam (Mac) System Requirements

Run XSplit VCam for the first time. Click the Sign In or Sign Up button. This will open a new browser tab where you can sign in using your XSplit account.

XSplit VCam will run the 2-step calibration to check your system and the camera you intend to use. (Windows version only)

XSplit VCam Calibration Process when launching the app for the first time

Click Next once done to go to XSplit VCam’s main window.

The XSplit VCam Main Window

XSplit VCam Main App Window View

XSplit VCam’s main window is where you can change your camera and background settings. Let’s go over the basic features you need to get started.

XSplit VCam's Camera selection menu, refresh, and camera settings

Camera Drop Down Menu
Here you can select which camera you want to use with XSplit VCam

Did you know that you can also use your mobile phone as a webcam for XSplit VCam? Click here to learn more.

Refresh Camera
Use Refresh Camera to update the camera to use the latest settings. This is useful for when the camera preview freezes, or if the effects you use do not reflect on VCam.

Camera Settings
Here you can find more advanced settings to enhance XSplit VCam’s performance. Click here to learn more.

XSplit VCam's Camera Preview

Camera Preview
Located at the left portion of the program, this shows you a preview of how your camera would look like with all your background effects and filters added.

XSplit VCam's Pause Camera and Capture Screenshot Buttons

Pause Camera (Windows version only)
Click this button to freeze XSplit Vcam’s camera

Capture Screenshot (Windows version only)
Captures a snapshot of your XSplit VCam’s camera. Screenshots are copied to your clipboard and saved in VCam’s Screenshots folder for later access.

XSplit VCam's Background Tab

Backgrounds Tab
The Backgrounds pane is where your background removal/replacement tools are placed.

XSplit VCam's Watermarks Tab

Watermarks Tab
Click this to manage your XSplit VCam Watermarks

Removing or Replacing Your Background

XSplit VCam’s key feature is to remove or replace your camera’s background with no additional green screen necessary.

Background Removal

In XSplit VCam MacOS version, Remove Background will change your background to black instead.

In XSplit VCam’s main window, click the Remove button. This Removes the background from your camera but will leave you visible.

Using the Remove Background feature of XSplit VCam in app

Background Replacement

If you instead want to replace your background with a completely different image, video, or even use a website or YouTube video, you definitely can! The Add Background button houses many options for you to personalize the look and feel of your XSplit VCam camera.

Clicking the Add Background button to reveal the 4 available background replacement options in XSplit VCam

Click here to learn more about the different background replacement options available to you.

Background Blurring

If you want to keep your camera background from drawing too much attention, then XSplit VCam’s Blur feature should help! Just move the slider to the right to increase the blurriness level of your camera’s background.

Using the Blur Slider to blur the camera's background in XSplit VCam

Adding Watermarks

You can add your favorite logo or image on top of your camera using XSplit VCam’s watermark tool.

Select the Watermarks tab then click on Add New Watermark.

Find the watermark file from your computer then click Open.

The watermark should now be added to your Camera Preview

Click here to learn more about adding, editing, and deleting your added watermarks in XSplit VCam.

Using XSplit VCam as a Virtual Camera for your Programs

Now you’re done setting up your camera, it's time to start using XSplit VCam as a virtual camera for your apps!

Keep XSplit VCam running in the background.

Open the program you’re going to use XSplit VCam with.

Go to the program’s camera menu or camera settings then change the camera to XSplit VCam

Changing the Camera to XSplit VCam in Google Meet

We have several guides on how you can use XSplit VCam as a virtual camera for many different applications. Visit our VCam Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials section for more information.

You and your audience should finally see a better and more professional-looking version of you using XSplit VCam!

Click here for more advanced XSplit VCam guides and tips!

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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