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Camera Settings

You can adjust the quality of the background filters, which hardware resources will be used, and also enable additional options such as chair removal.

To access the Camera Settings, click the settings icon on the top-right corner of the VCam camera preview window.

XSplit VCam with Camera Settings showing the options available

Remove Chair

VCam’s background removal AI also allows you to filter out or keep the chair from your camera

Auto Framing

Automatically tracks your movement to keep you at the center of the camera

Enhance Lighting

Enable this feature to adjust your camera’s Gamma and Color Factor

Quality (Automatic by Default)

Set this to Manual so you can adjust VCam’s overall quality, higher quality means higher system resource usage

Adaptive Filter

Improves the stability and segmentation of your hands and other objects

Always 30 FPS (Windows version only)

Keep the camera FPS locked to 30FPS

Enable HD (Windows version only)

Forces VCam to use HD resolution

Show Webcam Properties

Click this to show other camera properties specific to your webcam (e.g. Brightness, Saturation, zoom, etc.)

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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