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Fixing FPS-Related Issues

You need to check the following when experiencing FPS-related issues in XSplit Broadcaster:

FPS dropping in the XSplit Stage only, with no noticeable issues in the recording/stream output

XSplit Broadcaster is designed to prioritize the actual livestream/recording processes to ensure the best performance possible. The XSplit Stage may show some FPS drops from time to time, but so long as the CPU/GPU usage is low and the resulting livestream/recording is smooth, then do not worry, as this is deemed as normal and shouldn't be a cause for concern.

FPS drops even on the livestream/recording

Frame drops during livestream/recording can happen when:

1. Your system is struggling due to high CPU/GPU usage

You may check XSplit Broadcaster's Status Bar to see if you're experiencing high CPU/GPU usage. (Click here then scroll to Status Bar to learn more)

Try to reduce the number of programs/processes running in your system during your livestream to free up system resources.

Go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and change the Video Processing Mode to either Prefer GPU (if you have high CPU usage) or Prefer CPU (If you have high GPU usage)

Go to Broadcast > Click the Gear Icon next to your selected Output and check your Video Encoding Settings. Try selecting a different Video Codec and see if that helps.

Try to adjust XSplit's Stage resolution and framerate to a lower value and see if that helps with the high resource usage.

(Local Recording only) go to Record > Click the Gear Icon then try to adjust the Codec and/or Quality settings under Video Encoding and see if that results in a smoother local recording.

There may be some issues with your Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Low upload speed - Your internet subscription may not have enough upload speed to handle streaming. Call your ISP Provider for available upgrade options they may have that would be sufficient for livestreaming.

Unexpected ISP issues - Sudden issues with your internet connections can happen from time to time. If no settings were changed on your computer and/or XSplit Broadcaster when the issue happened, it's best to check if the issue may be with your internet connection.

Check if there may be too many devices actively using your internet connection during the stream. Disconnecting some of these devices will help free up network resources.

Go to Broadcast > Click the Gear Icon next to your selected Output and check your Video Encoding Settings. Click the Test Bandwidth button and see your network's Calculated average data rate. Change the Bitrate under Video encoding to the value you'll get from the test.

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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