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Capturing Gameplay from BlueStacks 4

XSplit Broadcaster allows you to directly capture gameplay from BlueStacks 4 to record or stream to the streaming platform of your choice.

Click here if you are using BlueStacks 5

Capturing gameplay from BlueStacks 4

On BlueStacks, go to Settings and select the Engine tab and take note of your graphics mode settings.

XSplit Broadcaster works on both DirectX and OpenGL graphics modes. For laptop users, however, selecting DirectX may give better performance..

Settings > Engine options in BlueStacks 4

On XSplit Broadcaster: Go to Sources > Game Capture, then select BlueStacks (DX11) or BlueStacks (OpenGL) depending on the engine settings you have chosen on BlueStacks 3.

Selecting BlueStacks (DX9Ex) captures the BlueStacks 4 launcher instead of the gameplay.

Showing the DirectX and OpenGL processes of Bluestacks 4 under Add Source > Game Capture

Launch a game app on BlueStacks 4 and this should automatically appear on your Broadcaster's scene. You can start recording or streaming!

BlueStacks source showing up in XBC

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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