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Account Settings

The Account Settings is where all the information about your XSplit Account's emails, social links, security settings, and logs can be viewed and managed.

XSplit Dashboard - Account Settings Main tabs view

Password and Security
Two-Step Verification (2FA)
Delete Account
Linked Accounts
Active Sessions


If your account is under a domain license, you will not be able to do the following:

Change account email
Change account password
Set account 2FA
Delete account
Link socials

Password and Security


Here you can manage your account’s basic information: Click Edit Profile to make changes to your Account name, email address, country, and language preference.

Clicking Save Changes after updating the Profile in XSplit's account settings

To change your email, you need an email address with no associated XSplit account.

Here you can also allow XSplit to send you email updates and special deals.

Send updates and special offer is checked


For added security, we recommend a one-time password when logging in. If you prefer using a password, you can set one up by clicking Change Password.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings - Password section

Forgot your password? XSplit will send you a password reset email by clicking the link below the button.

Two-Step Verification

Having Two-factor Authentication (2FA) active in your account makes your account more secure. Use this option to set (or remove) 2FA on your account.

Click here to learn more about Enabling/Disabling Two-Factor Authentication.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings - Two-step verification set up button

Delete Account

Use this option to delete your XSplit account. This is irreversible and all personal data and purchased licenses will be deleted as well.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings - Delete account button

Linked Accounts

Linked accounts allow you to link your other social media accounts with your XSplit account.


Link your accounts as primary so you can use these accounts as alternative login options.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings -  Linked accounts - Primary


Accounts linked under this section are directly linked to your XSplit account outputs. Disconnecting these accounts will unlink them to your output.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings - Linked accounts - others

To link your account just click the Connect Button. You will be prompted to either enter your account details, or click the correct account.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings - Connecting your Google account in Linked Accounts

Clicking Disconnect will unlink your account from the dashboard.

Active Sessions

Active sessions shows a record of your XSplit account’s login activity.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings - Active Sessions showing a record of the current active session as well as past sessions

Shows if your account is Active Now (online) or Offline

Shows the list of dates when your account was logged in

Shows the approximate location of where your account was logged in

Selecting End Session logs out the account from its corresponding XSplit app, or from a previously logged in session in your browser.


During troubleshooting, a Support Staff may ask you to generate an enhanced log file from XSplit Broadcaster through Help > Upload Log Files. These logs can be viewed/re-downloaded/deleted through the Logs tab.

XSplit Dashboard Account Settings - Logs showing uploaded logs from XSplit Broadcaster

You can Delete the logs individually by clicking Delete.

For bulk deletion, select the checkboxes next to the logs you'd like to delete (or just click the checkbox next to Application) to delete all logs in one go.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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