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Billing shows a history of all your purchased/redeemed licenses from XSplit, as well as your active subscriptions. Here you can view the type of license/s that’s currently active in your account.

Recurring Subscriptions
Cancelling Your Recurring Subscription
Purchase History
Redemption History


Licenses gives you a summary of XSplit licenses currently active in your account.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing > Licenses Tab showing VCam and Broadcaster Premium Licenses

When you have an active subscription plan, you will see the type of license, as well as the date the subscription will renew. If you wish to stop the automatic renewal of your license, click here to learn how it’s done.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing Tab - Broadcaster Premium license renewal date

When a renewal for a subscription has already been stopped but the license has not yet expired, you will see the date the subscription will end. The end date will also be shown for redeemed non-lifetime license codes.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing Tab - Showing XSplit VCam Premium's expiration date

Once the subscription ends for a specific type of license, the affected XSplit applications can still be used, albeit with the limitations afforded to an account with a free license.

For lifetime licenses, it will indicate you have a lifetime license and will not show any dates.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing Tab - Showing Premium bundle license is a lifetime license

Recurring Subscriptions

Recurring Subscriptions shows you information about XSplit license subscriptions that are currently active in your account. It shows the type of licenses, as well the date the license will automatically renew.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing Tab - Recurring Subscriptions show XSplit VCam has an active subscription

Lifetime licenses will not be shown in this part of the Dashboard.

Cancelling your Recurring Subscription

You can stop your subscription’s automatic renewal at any time by cancelling your Recurring Subscription.

Click the Cancel Subscription button of the XSplit license renewal you wish to stop.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing Tab - showing option to cancel active subscription

Click here for more details on how you can cancel recurring subscriptions in your account.

Purchase History

Purchase History shows you a list of your billing activities, sorted by date.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing Tab - Purchase history: showing XSplit VCam and Broadcaster sub purchases are completed

The date of the billing activity

The type of XSplit License purchased

The email address under which an XSplit license was purchased for

The Payment system used to complete the transaction

Completed - Indicates that the subscription was successfully purchased
Cancelled - Indicates that a subscription for a License was stopped. (The license may still be active in the account until the expiration date has been reached.)

Redemption History

Redemption History shows you information about the XSplit License Codes you have redeemed.

XSplit Dashboard - Billing Tab - Redemption history shows XSplit 14 day premium license was redeemed

The date the license code was redeemed

The type of XSplit License redeemed

Shows the license the redeemed license

Shows the license code as Redeemed to indicate that the license was already used

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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