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Uploading Recorded Videos to WhatsApp

Here are some things to consider when using XSplit Broadcaster to record videos which will be uploaded to WhatsApp later on.

The maximum file size for WhatsApp is 16MB

XSplit Broadcaster allows you to split your recordings to specific file sizes. Follow the steps below:

Go to Record > Click the Gear Icon under Active Scene

Selecting the Gear Icon next to Active Scene under the Record Menu to access the Recording Properties Window

Under Output > Split files at, change the value to 16mb then click OK.

Setting the output files split to 16mb under the Record properties window

The maximum video length on WhatsApp is between 90 seconds to 3 minutes

It's important to note that this greatly depends on your encoding settings on XSplit Broadcaster. Adjusting your encoding settings may also affect the length of your recording in general.

WhatsApp supports the following video formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, and 3GP

XSplit Broadcaster's video output is set to Mp4 by default. To check this, go to Record > Click the Gear Icon under Active Scene then see if the setting is correct.

Setting the output file format to mp4 under the Record properties window

WhatsApp uses H.264/MPEG-4 video codecs, and AAC/AC3 audio codecs.

XSplit Broadcaster supports H.264 as well as AAC audio as its encoder/s. To check, go to Record > Click the Gear Icon under Active Scene

The record properties window showing H.264 video codecs available, as well as the AAC audio codec as the default codec

Under Video Encoding, see which H.264 codecs you have available on your system.
Under Audio Encoding, you can confirm that it's set to AAC LC (locked setting)

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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