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Uploading Log Files for XSplit VCam

You may be required to generate log files as part of your troubleshooting with XSplit Support. Here's how it's done within the XSplit VCam app.

The option to Upload Log Files in-app will only apply to XSplit Accounts that are non-Team License holders. If your account's XSplit License was given to you by your organization through Team Licensing, please notify Support, so they can provide an alternative way to generate the required log files.

Check that the XSplit License under your account is NOT a Team License.

If your account has a Team License, please refer to the note above for more details.
If your account does not have a Team License, you may proceed to the next step.

Next, click the Down Arrow next to your Account name at the top-left corner of the XSplit VCam app, then select Upload Log Files.

XVC Upload log files from the Main menu

XSplit VCam will start generating the required logs.

XVC Generating log files successfully

Once done, click the clipboard icon next to the generated link to copy the URL. You can then paste and give this URL to support for further checking.

XVC copying the generated log files to your clipboard

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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