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In a nutshell, scenes are collections of sources that are arranged in XSplit Broadcaster.

Switching to 3 different scenes in XSplit Broadcaster

The variety of Sources you can add allows you to achieve a variety of effects, limited only by your creativity and the needs of your stream.

To create a new scene, click on the + button found in the scene list on the lower-right corner.

Free users are only allowed a maximum of 4 scenes per presentation. To create unlimited number of scenes, you need to have an account with Broadcaster Premium or Premium Bundle License.

You can rearrange the order of scenes through drag and drop. You can also create a new scene as well as duplicate, save, load or delete an existing one from the File menu.

Source List

Found right below your stage is a list of all of the sources in your active scene. Below it are command buttons to allow you to add, remove and change the order of sources’ layering.

XBC Sources list overview

Naming Scenes

You can change the name of your currently active scene on the bar above your source list.

Scene name changed to

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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