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In-game HUD

The In-game HUD lets you control your stream and recordings without leaving your game. You'll be able to add widgets you can view in-game such as your stream chat and stream status.

Enabling the In-game HUD

You will need to set a hotkey to launch the HUD within your game first. Open your Hotkey Settings, scroll down and set a hotkey for HUD

Setting a hotkey to trigger in-game HUD from Tools > Settings > Hotkeys

In-game HUD overview

In-game HUD Stream Info window

Stream Button
Allows you to start and stop your streams in the future. Meanwhile, you can start your streams as usual and the Dashboard of that stream will appear in the HUD.

Record Button
Allows you to start and stop your local recording. When your local recording is active, pressing this button will stop it while hovering over it will show the recording status and allow you to pause it.

In-game HUD record button showing it's playing and paused

Microphone Button
Allows you to mute and adjust your microphone's volume when you click it.

In-game HUD Microphone button showing the volume control and the name of the microphone being used

Desktop Audio Button
Allows you to mute and adjust your system sound's volume when you click it.

Desktop audio button showing the system sound volume and the default speakers being used

Pinned Widgets Button
Opens the widget management screen.

Allows you to switch between your presentation's scenes by clicking on their preview windows. Hovering on the scene's preview window will update it.

In-game HUD scenes overview

Stream Dashboard

The Stream Dashboard will contain information for your livestreams as well as the stream chat.

In-Game HUD stream dashboard

The tabs on the left will indicate your streaming status with a red dot and multiple tabs will appear for each streaming service you are streaming to.

Stream tabs in the In-game HUD stream dashboard

The upper-right part of dashboard will allow you to stop active streams and close their respective dashboards.

Stop stream and close dashboard buttons

Pinned Widgets

Pinned widgets allow you to see your chat and stream status while playing your game without the need for a second monitor.

In-game HUD pinned widgets showing over the game screen

Clicking on Manage Widgets will show a window of widgets you can add.

Manage widgets window overview

While on the pinned widgets screen, you'll be able to move and resposition the widgets by dragging them around. Widgets like the stream chat and strean status can also be resized by dragging on their corners.

Widgets being resized

Various settings such as the widget's background opacity and fade out time when you close the HUD can be changed by clicking the gear icon.

Widget Fade delay and opacity

These widgets will only be visible to you and will not be shown on your stream or recording, allowing you to position them as you like without affecting viewer experience.

Shows your broadcast status, FPS and which service you're currently streaming to. In some services such as Twitch, it will also show the game you're streaming and capturing.

In-game HUD broadcast status - Live

Stream Chat
Shows your stream chat. This combines all the chats and comments from supported streaming services if you're streaming to more than one.

Stream Chat demonstration for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

Stream Info
Shows various information about your current stream such as your current stream time, viewers and bitrate similar to the information shown on XSplit Broadcaster's top title bar when you start your stream.

In-game HUD Stream info

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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