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Desktop Capture Use Cases and Tips

XSplit Broadcaster's Desktop Capture feature allows you to capture different types of application window. Some of these windows/apps may require some tweaking of specific options to be properly captured.

Here are some scenarios and tips when using Desktop Capture.

Capturing Web-based Games/Clients
Capturing Application Windows

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Capturing Web-based Games/Clients

Since Game Capture only works on OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX games, you will need to use Desktop Capture on your browser or web-based game client to add it as a source.

Adding a web-based game ( as a source in XSplit Broadcaster via Desktop Capture

If the browser you are planning to capture is Google Chrome, you will need to disable Use Hardware Acceleration when Available under your browser's Settings > Advanced > System

Making sure that Hardware acceleration is set to disabled

Some games with web-based clients (such as may require Exclusive Window Capture to be disabled to be properly captured.

Making sure that Exclusive Window Captured is unchecked

Capturing Application Windows

You can capture other applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word by clicking Add Source > Desktop Capture > and selecting the application that you want to show under Apps.

Selecting the Adobe Photoshop process under Add Source > Desktop Capture > Apps

If you are having issues properly capturing an application with Desktop Capture, right-click on the it and uncheck Exclusive Window Capture.

Making sure that Exclusive Windows capture is unchecked under the window capture

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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