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Using VCam with Camtasia

When trying to use VCam’s background removal in Camtasia, it will show your original background instead of transparency.
The Remove Background function requires that the application using VCam is connected via ARGB32 and that the application has support for background transparency. While Camtasia connects with the ARGB32 color format, it renders as RGB and ignores the alpha channel.

You’ll still be able to remove your background when using VCam with Camtasia by following these steps:

Step 1: Set your background to green in VCam

In VCam, set a solid green image as your background by going to Add Background > Image, Video, or HTML File.

Select Image, Video, or HTML File on VCam's Add Background

Step 2: Add VCam to Camtasia's Timeline

In Camtasia, select the Record tab in the upper-left.

Select the Record tab on Camtasia

On Camtasia’s Record panel, select XSplit VCam as your camera then click the rec button to record your camera footage as normal.

Record your VCam footage as normal

The camera recording should automatically be added to your Camtasia timeline as a new track like below.

VCam camera recording on Camtasia

Step 3: Remove the background color in Camtasia

Go to Visual Effects then drag the Remove a Color effect to your camera recording track.

Apply the Remove a Color effect

Click the Properties button to show the Remove a Color effect properties. Select the eyedropper tool from the Color drop-down then click on the background of the camera recording. This will make the background color transparent.

Use the eyedropper tool to select your VCam solid color background

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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