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Toggling Source Visibility with Key Press

Normally, clicking the eye icon in the Source List toggles a source's visibility on and off:

Toggling a source's visibility on and off using the eye icon from a scene's source list in XSplit Broadcaster

However, there's a way to quickly toggle a source's visibility on and off with just a press of a key/click of a mouse. This is made possible using XSplit Broadcaster's Macros feature.

In this guide we're going to use an Image source to demonstrate.

Make sure the source is already added to the scene.

Go to Extensions > Macros. The Macros window should appear.

Selecting Macros under the Extensions Menu in XSplit Broadcaster

Click the + icon to add a new macro.

Clicking the + icon on an empty Macros window adds a new one

If you already have other macros, you can instead click the + icon at the top-left portion of the window to add a new one.

Choose and select On key down under Event. A new entry field should appear just below it.

Selecting "On key down" as an event in XSplit Broadcaster's Macros

Click the entry field once, then type in your preferred key combination or mouse click. In this guide we'll use down arrow as an example.

Using the Down Arrow as the key down trigger for the Macro

Under Action, select Set source visibility in the drop down menu. Three new dropdown menus should appear.

In Select Scene, select the scene where the source is added.

In Select Source, select the name of the source you intend to use.

In Select visibility, select Toggle Visibility.

Setting the Action, Select scene, Set source, and Select visibility in Macros

OPTIONAL: Don't forget to rename your Macro by clicking the Pencil icon at the top.

Check Enable event listener to activate the macro.

Checking Enable event listener to activate the Macro

To ensure everything is working, it's best to use the Test button located at the upper right corner of the Macros extension window. Close the window when done.

Clicking the Test button at the upper-right corner of the Macros extension window

Go back to your scene. Pressing the assigned key should now toggle the visibility of the source on and off.

An image source's visibility being toggled on and off using Macros

Make sure the key combination you're using is not used by other programs/processes running in your system to avoid issues.

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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