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Layout Wizard

XSplit Broadcaster’s Layout Wizard is designed to make the process of creating your XSplit presentations easier and faster with just a few clicks.

Accessing the Layout Wizard

If it’s your first time using XSplit Broadcaster on your computer, click the Get started with a layout button in the welcome screen.

Selecting Get started with a layout in the XSplit Broadcaster welcome screen

If the welcome screen is not visible, go to File > New Presentation to reset the XSPlit Broadcaster stage.

The Layout Wizard option will not be available if you set your XSplit Stage to portrait resolution.

The Layout Wizard Menu

There are six layouts to choose from, each suitable for a specific use-case.

Selecting Get started with a layout in the XSplit Broadcaster welcome screen

Keep in mind that this feature is designed only to simplify the initial layout design of your XSplit Broadcaster presentation. You can always manually change the layout and its properties directly from the XSplit Broadcaster stage when needed.

All Sources in the layouts include the option to Scale to fit to adjust the size of the source to fit the source area. This is unchecked by default, but feel free to check this if necessary.


Solo is for those who would like to just add one full screen source in their presentations. Great for showing videos, screen/game capture sources in full screen where no other sources are needed.

The Layout Wizard Solo template setup window showing a clip of a train moving

Full Split Screen

Use Full Split Screen if you want to fill the entire screen with two different sources side-by-side. Ideal for when adding two sources with portrait orientation. In this example we’re showing images of two individuals, perhaps as a scene for introducing guests/hosts of a show.

The Layout Wizard Full Splitscreen template setup window showing photos of two female individuals

Windowed Split Screen

This layout is slightly similar to Full Split Screen, but with the two side-by-side sources presented in landscape orientation. A Preset Background or custom image can be added under your split screen sources.

The Layout Wizard Windowed Splitscreen template setup window showing two male individuals on a webcam and a blue background

In this example we’ve added two webcams as the camera sources, and a preset background.

4-way Split

The 4-way Split screen layout displays 4 evenly-spaced sources at once. This is a great layout to use when adding participants from your video conferencing programs.

The Layout Wizard 4-way Split template setup window showing 4 individuals in a skype video conference call

Solo Presentation

This layout strategically places your sources such that the smaller source is meant for webcams, and the bigger one for your presentation source–an ideal setup for live presentations/tutorials/demos. You can also add a background if you wish.

The Layout Wizard Solo presentation template setup window showing a woman playing Enter the Gungeon

Duo Presentation

Very similar to the Solo Presentation layout, but with an additional source suited for webcams placed at the opposite end.

The Layout Wizard Duo presentation template setup window showing two individuals playing Enter the Gungeon

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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