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Elgato Stream Deck Quick Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup and use your Elgato Stream Deck device with XSplit Broadcaster.

The following Elgato Stream Deck devices are supported:

Stream Deck
Stream Deck XL
Stream Deck MK.2
Stream Deck Mini
Stream Deck Mobile

Click HERE to download and install the latest version of XSplit Broadcaster.

XSplit Broadcaster download page

If you have an existing installation of XSplit Broadcaster in your system, go to Help > Check for updates instead and see if you're on the latest version before proceeding to the next step (important).

Checking for updates in XSplit Broadcaster

Older versions of XSplit Broadcaster may not work properly with Stream Deck, so it's important to make sure you're always on the latest version of the app.

In XSplit Broadcaster, go to Extensions and see if the Elgato Stream Deck Extension is already installed and checked in the Extensions menu. This will indicate that XSplit Broadcaster's Stream Deck integration is ready and active.

XSplit Broadcaster showing Elgato Stream Deck enabled in the extensions menu

If the Elgato Stream Deck Extension is NOT in your Extensions menu:

Go to Extensions > Add Extensions > Find More Extensions.

XSplit Broadcaster - Extensions > Add Extension > Find more extensions

Type Elgato Stream Deck in the search bar. The Elgato Stream Deck extension should appear in the search result. Click and install the plugin.

Elgato Stream Deck XSplit Broadcaster Extension Installation

Proceed to the next step once the extension is successfully installed and checked.

Go to <>.

Click Select Your Product then look for your Stream Deck device from the list. The download link for the latest version of Stream Deck Software should appear.

Download and install the Stream Deck Software to your computer.

Stream Deck Software download process

Run the Stream Deck Software and see that your device is connected and recognized by the app.

Stream deck software devices list

Click the Stream Deck Store Icon

Stream deck store icon

Type XSplit in the search bar. The XSplit Controller Plugin should appear in the search results. Install the plugin.

XSplit Controller installation process from the Stream Deck Store

Once installed, XSplit Broadcaster actions list will become available in the sidebar.

Stream deck software showing XSplit Broadcaster actions list and application

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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