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Creating a Graph Dump for XSplit VCam

If you’re experiencing unknown behaviors with the VCam app’s camera feed, the Technical Support staff will request a graph dump from you to help diagnose the cause of the issue.

Creating Graph Dump Files

Close XSplit VCam app then open File Explorer and navigate to the XSplit VCam installation folder: C:\Program Files\XSplit\VCam\x64

Look for XSplitVCam.exe.config file.

Right-click on XSplitVCam.exe.config then select Open with Notepad.

You will need Admin access to open this file.

Add the parameter: <param key="savegraph" value="C:\graph\" />

Launch XSplit VCam and replicate the issue you are experiencing.

Close the XSplit VCam again after you have replicated the issue.

Open File Explorer and go to the path location: C:\graph where the dump files are saved.

You can create graph dump files on a different location depending on the path location you’ve added as a parameter.

To share the grouped files in a folder, we recommend compressing the dump files to a .ZIP/.RAR file then upload it to a file-sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive then send the share link to the support staff.

Updated on: 09/09/2022

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