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Auto Framing

Showing the Auto framing effect

XSplit VCam's Auto Framing Feature automatically sets you to be always zoomed in and centered, regardless of where you're moving within the camera's viewable area.

How to Enable Auto Framing
Auto Framing Settings

For best results, please make sure that you are positioned properly within your camera's viewable area before enabling Auto Framing.

How to Enable Auto Framing

Click the Camera Settings icon at the upper-right corner of the XSplit VCam Camera, then select Enable Auto Framing.

Auto Framing Settings

Auto Framing Toggle Button
Allows you to toggle the feature on/off from the Camera Settings.

Change the Auto Framing Feature's zoom value. The higher the value, the bigger you will appear on the camera.

Adjusts how quick the Auto Framing Feature will transition to the new zoom value when you move. The higher the value, the faster the transition time will be.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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