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XSplit Chat Overlay

by sashXS » Apr 29, 2012

Hey guys,

I'm lookin for a Twitch.TV ingame chat overlay and hope you can help me.

I tried to use the forum search and google but I only found a script from Locknlol (

there is only one problem - the website is down and so I cant download this mirc plugin...

hope you can help me

I also tried to use X-Chat but it won't work (the integration)

best regards..
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Re: XSplit Chat Overlay

by HellGreen » May 03, 2012

I suggest PM'ing or emailing the author. Here's his thread etc: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1741
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Re: XSplit Chat Overlay

by tribal » May 04, 2012

The author has been MIA for a while though so you may not get a response.

If you have a second monitor you can do a screen region of chat and green screen the background away. Seems to work pretty well but obviously won't help you if you just have one monitor.
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Re: XSplit Chat Overlay

by diabloking » May 04, 2012

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