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Xsplit.core.exe - Incorrect Screen

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Xsplit.core.exe - Incorrect Screen

by Br4inl3ss » Nov 18, 2011

Hi guys!
I've just installed Xsplit... everything went fine in the installation. When done tryed to start it and i got this error. "xsplit.core.exe - Image Incorrect" (this is in french and it mean something like incorrect screen)
In the same window it says : " c:\Windows\system32\mscoree.dll is not made to execute under windows or contain an error......................"

Tried to delete it so when i will install xsplit it will create a new one. But explorer.exe is using it so i dont wanna push things to far for now. i tried to reinstall xsplit... same problem after third time

Im on an Asus laptop running Windows 7 premium 64B
Graphic card is Nvidia Gforce gt220M Cuda 1gb

Never had any issues with dll so far

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