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A password field added for custom rtmp?

A password field added for custom rtmp?

by dancedance21 » Sep 24, 2011

Hey any update on a password field added for custom rtmp? Much needed
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Re: A password field added for custom rtmp?

by MSgtGunny » Sep 27, 2011

to my knowledge, you should not need to enter a username or password to stream to a custom rtmp server, you just need to know the link the server has assigned to you to stream to.
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Re: A password field added for custom rtmp?

by ddelvecc » Oct 01, 2011

Actually, several of the popular RTMP servers support username/password authentication. For example:

Flash Media Server ... -7fe0.html

Wowza ... n-and-more

Without authentication, anyone that knows the RTMP URL to use can stream to that resource, which isn't very secure. That's why a lot of media server administrators require RTMP authentication. And that's why Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) prompts for a username and password when connecting to an RTMP resource that requires authentication.

Currently with XSplit, you're out of luck if you need to stream to an RTMP server that requires a username and password.

There's also a topic for this in the Requests from before the forums went up section. Seems like a pretty essential feature, so it's kind of surprising that this hasn't been added yet ...
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Re: A password field added for custom rtmp?

by JeNoVa-IcHiGo » Dec 02, 2011

I would like to vote for this function as well as currently I'm unable to stream to my akamai FMS due to authentication requirements. If anyone knows of any method to authenticate via RTMP/Stream name thou, do drop me a PM as well.
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Re: A password field added for custom rtmp?

by Melvin » Feb 10, 2012

There is no built-in authentication support for RTMP.

This is not possible at all because RTMP authentication is provider-based. Flash specification does not provide any standardized publisher authentication scheme for RTMP and RTMPT.

As you may noted, we recently implemented support for Limelight CDN w/c we did based on Limelight's proprietary authentication protocol. As I understand you're using Akamai, XSplit as of Feb.2012, doesn't support Akamai but we'll be working with them over the next few weeks to implement support for their CDN. This can be expected to be a part of XSplit final release.
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