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Multiple Computer Streaming?

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Multiple Computer Streaming?

by Tableaux » Jun 16, 2013

Hey there,

So I am going to a small event where we are aiming to just sit around playing games, and we thought it might be fun to stream it. So I was wondering, how possible is it to stream from multiple computers? Will it require a lot of setting up? Or is it simply not possible?

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Re: Multiple Computer Streaming?

by Ezkeraz » Jun 17, 2013

You can do it in 2 ways:

- If you have a capture card (you may need more depending on the number of PCs you plan to add), you can set the capture card/s on the PC that will be streaming. After that, just connect the other PCs to those capture cards, so that the streaming PC will be able to get the footage from them properly.

- You can also try using Local streaming feature from XSplit. You only need a LAN connection for the PCs, but a premium license is required. Here's a helpful guide on how to set it up: ... aming.html
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