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Dropping Frames?

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Dropping Frames?

by RRyox10 » Mar 28, 2013

Ok I've been using xsplit for awhile and have tinkered with the settings many times. I only have 1mbps upload so I know that I can't crank my bitrate up. But I do have a very nice computer, Phenom II 3.6ghz, 16gb ddr3, but I have an ASUS amd video card. I know there is problem with amd cards and xsplit with dropping frames. I'm constantly dropping frames when streaming and I don't think I have my bitrate settings to high, any help or suggestions as to whats causing this problem??
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Re: Dropping Frames?

by Sapiens » Mar 28, 2013

Please fill out your system specs at ucp.php?i=173

Dropped frames are frames that couldn't be sent to your streaming provider. What bitrate are you trying to stream at? What results do you get from a bandwidth test in XSplit? Have you tried a different ingest server? Perhaps the one you're using is overloaded or you don't have a very good connection to it.
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