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Skype call on xsplit

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Skype call on xsplit

by KisukexUrahara » Feb 24, 2013


Im begginging streaming on with xsplit. I have a rather big problem however, I can't get my skype call to come through on the stream. This is weird because it sounds like im talking to my self and i imagine it's not very entertaning to listen to a one sided conversation.

I'm running windows 7 and skype.
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Re: Skype call on xsplit

by Melvin » Feb 25, 2013

So is it only your Skype call that doesn't get captured/recorded in XSplit? How about your other system sounds/audio. Are they being captured just fine?

If yes, then make sure Skype is outputting to your default playback device. To do this, click on Tools >> Options... and then in the Audio Settings see if the speakers is set to your playback device.

You may also want to check your communication settings. Right click your speaker icon in taskbar and select 'Playback devices'. Then go to Communications tab and make sure the 'Do Nothing' option is selected.
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