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[GUIDE] Streaming With Two Computers

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[GUIDE] Streaming With Two Computers

by dodgydogman » Jan 07, 2013


This is a write up of my experience setting up an Xsplit stream with two computers and a capture card. I made this because I couldn't find much in regard to streaming using two computers, and to work everything out and not share it makes me feel like someone who asks a forum for help and then posts “NVM, worked it out”. The worst kind of person in my eyes.

Also if I am doing something wrong, or inefficiently PLEASE let me know, I will alter this and my setup. I'm also sorry if some or all of it is obvious, I just wanted to be thorough.

If you want to see my stream in action, heres a shameless plug:



  • First pc (The gaming PC): As long as your graphics card on your gaming pc has two video outputs and can duplicate your screen to both outputs, youshould be fine.
  • Second pc (The streaming PC): This computer is only used for encoding. I have a[url=https:/]AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition[/url] overclocked to 4ghz which canstream 1080p with the lowest encoding and 720p with fast encoding preset. I think the limit to streaming 720p is something like a heavily overclockedq6600.

There are a few capture card solutions available on the market today. You simply need to research them and think about how much you are willing to spend onthis. I bought an Avermedia Live Gamer HD

Devices like the AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR, AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD, Hauppauge Colossus, and Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro should probably work fine too, but make sure to research the quality they can output and whether they can handle the resolution you wish to stream at.


Two cables need to be plugged into your graphics card:

1. The dvi/vga/hdmi cable that connects it to your monitor.

2. The dvi/vga/hdmi cable that connects it to your capture card on your other pc.

You must set your gaming pc to output the same information to both your monitor and your capture card. To do this (on Windows 7 at least) either right click your desktop and click Personalise / Display / Adjust resolution or from the start menu, go to Control Panel / Appearance and Personalization /Display / Adjust resolution. You should have two displays appear, like here:

You must set the Multiple Display option to “Duplicate these displays” like here:


I used a 3.5mm Male to 2 x Female splitter to output my audio from my gaming pc to both my headphones and also the Line In on the streaming pc using a shielded 3.5mm Male to Male extension lead.

For your microphone I simply use a second desk microphone plugged straight into the streaming pc.



For general xsplit stream settings, TheGunRun has already created an amazing guide:

I personally use 720p, Quality 10, max bitrate 2200, buffer 2200 and Preset at faster. I can actually upload to twitch at over 6000 kbps, however twitch only re encodes partners’ videos and without re encoding the viewer must have 6000 kbps download to view your video. Plus twitch servers are extremely temperamental even with partners streams (720p+ usually means 720p + lag, at least in the uk), so i've found 2200 to work well.

Xsplit seems to only allow one recording device input and both the microphone and the Line In port both count as recording devices. To get around this we must listen to one of the devices. To do this (On windows 7 at least) go to Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Manage audio devices / Recording and right click either the Microphone or the Line In go to Properties / Listen and tick “Listen to this device”. This makes the gaming pc’s speakers play though the streaming pc’s speakers and allows you to use both the line in and a microphone with xsplit, even though they are both recording devices.

For this work around to work, you must actually have a device plugged in to act as the default device! I used some old earbuds which don't make enough sound for me to even hear. There is probably a workaround but this way was simple enough.

While you are there I would also recommend going to the Levels tab to ensure it is outputting at 100 and the Advanced tab to untick “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”, as sometimes programs will mess with the levels.


Synergy is an extremely useful program which allows you to control both your gaming pc and your streaming pc with one keyboard and mouse, letting you movebetween each computer as if it were an extended monitor.


This is a useful program, allowing you to change scenes depending on whether Starcraft 2 or LoL is ingame, in the menu or alt tabbed, even with multi pcstreaming. Damn this program is cool!

Thank you HellGreen, you are awsome :)



With control groups:




Without control groups:





This is a really useful guide on getting the twitch chat to show up on your stream, maybe encouraging conversation.


These are two useful images created by Ignisar which help align everything when you are creating a background for your stream.

  • I use grooveshark and want to put the name of the song playing on my stream. I found this thread: . Theprogram seems to output the song name onto a text file, I wanted to try and output that file only a network folder and use it with multi pc streaming,but I simply can't get the program to work. I'm not sure how to paste the code he specifies into chrome. Ctrl shift I doesn't have a clear place toinput the code. Maybe someone could explain it.
  • I tried to output my video into a ~£5 dvi splitter, but it didn't particularly work well for me. I could not get it to output at a high resolutionwithout looking blurry. Someone on the avermedia forum said it would not be possible without expensive hardware. If anyone has any more information onsplitting dvi signal, that would be cool.
  • If anyone uses steam, and finds the steam overlay doesn't work since StarCraft got a splash kind of box, in order to bypass that you need to go to Sc2folder, go to /Support and use Sc2Switcher.exe instead.
  • To find the limits to what you can stream, simply keep your control panel up showing your processor usage, and test different resolutions while movingaround in a game and make sure the cpu usage doesn't go above 90%.
  • Is there a way to copy and paste whole scenes, or even parts from a scene in xsplit? Its making me feel stupid that I can't find out how and its reallyannoying trying to get multiple scenes with the same screen regions in the same positions..
  • I personally thought TvZ was FAR more exciting to watch when zerg used muta ling bling instead of ling infestor, but maybe I just think splitting isthe most exciting thing when spectating Starcraft 2.


If you found this useful, or think it might help someone, maybe check out my stream and stay awhile, or if i'm not there, maybe follow me. I streamStarcraft 2 and competitive 6v6 Team Fortress 2, as long as I have any viewers I will never stop talking, it is probably my only skill.

Here is a link to my original Google Doc's in case there is a problem with my bb code or something: ... scG6Y/edit

I hope this helps at least one person!
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