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After update, XSplit not working with HDPVR and Gamecube

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After update, XSplit not working with HDPVR and Gamecube

by ProfessorProf » Sep 13, 2012

HD PVR (49xxx)
OS: windows764bit
Driver software version: HDPVR 1.7.30059.1

1. Conect Wii to HDPVR.
2. Turn on HDPVR.
3. Turn on Wii.
4. Plug HDPVR into PC.
5. Turn on XSplit.
6. Add HDPVR as camera. Wii menu visible in video window.
7. Run any Gamecube software on Wii.

Result before most recent automatic update: Camera would flicker and be unavailable for a few seconds, then continue streaming from the Gamecube game.

Result after most recent automatic update: Camera becomes unavailable and never recovers. Rebooting the HDPVR can sometimes get it to stream the Gamecube came for a few minutes, after which it stops working again.

What changed in that update?
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Re: After update, XSplit not working with HDPVR and Gamecube

by Augustine » Sep 18, 2012

Hi ProfessorProf,

Please try doing a complete uninstall of XSplit using Revo Uninstaller (Advanced Mode, remove all leftover files and folders) then manually download a new copy of XSplit via this link and install it as an Administrator (right click on the XSplit installer and choose "Run as Administrator") then tell us your results.
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