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Mute Skype while keeping all other sounds

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Mute Skype while keeping all other sounds

by Boberg » Aug 09, 2012


I wonder if there is any way to mute skype, while keeping all other sounds in X-Split? The reason is because I want to be able to speak with my co-commentator during streaming sessions, but only play music for the viewers.

So, is there any way to mute skype WHILE streaming, and then unmute it again?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Mute Skype while keeping all other sounds

by Ezkeraz » Aug 10, 2012

Right now, XSplit can't do that. You can use another program to do something similar to that though.

There are a bunch of tutorials about doing that available in our Tutorials subforum; here's one of them (just replace TS3 with Skype).
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