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New PC! Which CPU to choose?

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New PC! Which CPU to choose?

by JoltDota » Jul 01, 2012

Hello! I want to build a new PC so I can start streaming at a higher resolution (720p and maybe 1080p) but I'm not decided on what CPU I should get.
I'm stuck choosing between an i5 3570K and an i7 3770K. Which would be the best choice? The price difference between the two of them is around 100$, is the hyperthreading really worth it?

Would the i5 be enough for streaming at let's say 720p and also recording my stream (I plan on using dxtory)?

I don't know what to pick honestly, as I want the quality to be very good.
My other system specs are: ASRock Z77-ITX (I am doing an mini ITX build), 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance, HD7850 2GB (should be enough for 1080p gaming), Samsung 128GB SSD + WD 2TB HDD

So far I have tried streaming on my laptop, which is a i5-2410M (2 cores, HT 4 threads) & GT540m. I barely managed to get 720p but I had frame drops, I've noticed that xsplit cannot use hyperthreading properly, so that's why I'm on the fritz about the i7.
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Re: New PC! Which CPU to choose?

by Firkraag » Jul 01, 2012

You may want to reconsider the AMD HD7850 GPU, I have the same and can not stream.

As for the CPU 3570k should be more than enough to pump out a great quality 720p stream, use those extra 100$ to buy a Nvidia GTX670 instead.
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Re: New PC! Which CPU to choose?

by JoltDota » Jul 01, 2012

The issues seem to be with gamescource, have you tried dxtory for your game capture? I tried it on my laptop and it's somewhere 10 to 20% less resource hungry than xsplit gamesource :)

And thanks for the reply, I think I'm going with the i5 3570K in the end, and investing the extra 100$ in a second monitor and just getting a GTX 560 TI or something if the 7850 would have issues :(

PS: did you try one of the new AMD drivers? ... -Beta.html

Later Edit: Read through the links, the issue seems to be with AMD's aggressive power management :( I guess nvidia it is!

Later Later Edit: Would a HD6950 work? Found a good deal on a 1GB one.
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Re: New PC! Which CPU to choose?

by DAOWAce » Jul 14, 2012

I could do 1080p@30 on my old system (2500K, 2x GTX 460) in some games. The higher end ones I had to drop to 720p or kill the stream quality further than I would've liked. (I care about my viewers)

My new hardware (3770K, GTX 670) should be able to do 1080p in every game, but I'm still testing things out. (Tribes: Ascend is difficult, but seems everyone has issues with that game anyway)

This is all while keeping my FPS at or above 60.

I'm still trying to figure out if hyperthreading is affecting Xsplit in a positive way. Not really sure how to setup a fool proof error free test.
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Re: New PC! Which CPU to choose?

by Sapiens » Jul 14, 2012

Generally speaking 720p should be the upper end of what you plan to broadcast at unless you'll be using a second PC and a capture card to handle the encoding and you have a TwitchTV partner account, or some other service that will transcode the stream into lower resolutions for your viewers. Higher resolutions like 1080p aren't worth the degradation in quality (from being forced to use less compression) or higher bandwidth requirements your viewers will be saddled with. When it comes to streaming and encoding, just because it's higher resolution doesn't mean it will actually look better.
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