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Need Help Setting up stream with no lag

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Need Help Setting up stream with no lag

by SkullKid28 » Jun 26, 2012

I am having issues getting decent FPS in game (league of legends)
When i turn on screen region to capture it works fine for me but my friend have told me the stream is really choppy. When i turn on game capture they say its less choppy but my fps in game drop realy bad (5-15 fps)

CPU: intel i5 3750k
Graphics: Nvidia geforce 560 GTX 560
Ram: 16 GB

Internet :

*General info*
Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Stream Resolution: 1280x720
Stream FPS:5-20
Game (or content): League of Lgends
Capture Method (Screen Regions/Game Source/3rd Party) : Screen region / Game source
Stream Provider: Own3d
Link to your stream:

*Channel and Video Settings*
Preset: xSplit Default
Quality: 6
VBV Max Bitrate: 400
VBV Buffer: 400

*Audio Settings*
Format: 16 KHz / 16 bit Stereo|Mono
Bitrate: 42200

I would love to just get better FPS in my game because i feel my computer can handle it and im not getting the most out of my setup.
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Re: Need Help Setting up stream with no lag

by HellGreen » Jun 29, 2012

You need more bitrate than 400 to do 720p. You should be around 1500-3000 which should be fine since you have 4-5000 available. The stream lag is most likely due to this and that you are using the 'default' location? (you skipped the entry in the template). Use a named server and of course do a bandwidth test, to ensure you have the bitrate you set up for it.

You should increase the quality setting from 6 to 8 or even 10 assuming the bandwidth test clears you for it.

You should keep stream fps at 25 or 30 to minimize lag.

For better audio quality increase to 44.1KHz and up the bitrate to 128.000.

If you monitor your cpu and feel you have additional resources to spare, you can change the preset setting from default to 'faster'. This will improve image quality and use a little less bandwidth but uses a lot more cpu, so it might hurt your game. Try it out.

Finally, the capture method does not influence whether your stream lags or not. I would guess it's a placebo effect your friends have seen or it may have been influenced by other factors. If you want to use GameSource make sure to have Aero enabled. The two capture methods have way different optimum settings. See our FAQ on the matter here: faq.php#f4r2 and the following post.

Let us know if this helped or not.
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