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How to bind PTT to caps-lock (or any other key)

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How to bind PTT to caps-lock (or any other key)

by Haghqt » May 27, 2012

This is a quick work around, and not the best, but it works until XSplit adds the option to bind anything to PTT.

The method I used was to rebind my caps-lock button so it instead presses a button that works for XSplit. I changed caps-lock so it presses F8 and bound that as PTT in XSplit.

You can rebind any key with a program called SharpKeys that you can download here:

Obviously this makes my caps-lock not work as a caps-lock, but personally I never use it for that reason anyway.

Hope this is to any help for anyone, and sorry for the short "guide".
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Re: How to bind PTT to caps-lock (or any other key)

by LeonardLew » Jun 03, 2012

Can you explain what ptt means in this context?
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Re: How to bind PTT to caps-lock (or any other key)

by dracaXL » Jun 10, 2012

PTT stands for Push-to-talk, a feature which XSplit has implemented but unfortunately very poorly, as a result forcing users to utilise workarounds. BarrowDev has also created a program (which uses Autohotkey) that is also an elegant solution: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=9326
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