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Can't add any webcams

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Re: Can't add any webcams

by Neitho » Jun 12, 2011

I hope this video will help you to solve your problem.

henrik wrote:I just got educated a bit earlier today by one of my colleagues. The conclusion is that this is most likely a usb controller or chipset bandwidth issue ... eb6744.flv

See Also: ... dth-issues
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Re: Can't add any webcams

by henrik » Jun 13, 2011

MarkSr wrote:Just a note: I can use all four webcams on the VH version of this xsplit with no problem at all.

I guess you refer to VH Multicam. If you can confirm that you can add all 4 webcams to the same scene (preset in VHMulticam) ? then there is a very good reason to look at this right away. If you can only add them when choosing different scenes then the reason is different:

XSplit loads all cameras as global sources to be able to initialize faster. So basically any limitations that applies will apply to cameras in general and not only to cameras per scene (which is not the case in VHMulticam)

VERIFICATION: Here is a little test you can do to verify if the problem is actually an XSplit issue. After you add your fist camera you say that the second shows up blank right ?...Ok So just go for the fist and save the second for skype. So load up skype and set you camera source in skype to the second camera which did not load in XSplit. Did it load in skype but not in XSplit ?...If the latter is the case then we have a problem.....Please try to perform this test and also confirm that you cannot load all 4 cameras you mentioned to one scene (preset) in VHMulticam.
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Re: Can't add any webcams

by mikebaker » Jun 16, 2011

Hi Mark, Please contact us on skype Id :

This way can directly try to assist you and hopefully figure out what is wrong. If you can add 4 cams to VHMulticam and you can NOT add the same cams to XSplit then this is something that we are VERY interested in figuring out. (there must be a simple explanation for this so lets find that)

If you can contact us on skype then please make sure to send the link to this thread

PS: When you add the same camera many time then it will not use more will just make an internal copy
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